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Sikh Community in Jaipur

March 8, 2008

Ms. Kuldeep Kaur was 70 when she felt a need to get involved in the efforts to stem the growing sex-selective abortion in her Sikh community. In an interview, here is what she had to say about the issue:

MS: Why is female feticide so prevalent in the Sikh community?

KK: I think FF is a problem with the Sikh community because of land holdings in the Punjab. The smaller farmers do not want daughters because it means selling off land to pay dowry; the bigger farmers do not want daughters because they would rather have sons who will till the land than daughters who will have to be married off. Also there is the question of honor, bowing down before the groom’s family is hurtful to the ego. Then the security of the girls is another problem.

To read about her work and for the rest of the interview, visit this link. She has taken some interesting initiatives. For example, the collective oath administered by the priest and taken by newly-wed couples at a community wedding, to the effect that the couples would not engage in sex-selection.

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