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An Initiative to Combat Female Foeticide

December 12, 2008

[Update on this post: I recently found the links in the post below as non-functional; perhaps the organization FATEH is no longer around or is revamping its website. Either way, I won’t edit the links below in the hope that the website will soon be up]

FATEH, an organization towards community building in Punjab and Diaspora communities across the globe, has taken the following initiative to address the issue of female feticide/infanticide in Punjab and the Punjabi community. I am pasting below some information on FATEH’s Advocacy projects that I copied from its website.  Individuals interested in getting involved in this project should directly contact Fateh.

Project Lead | Karamjit Kaur


Based on statistics from the Census Bureau of India, we estimate that in Punjab alone, approximately 5 million girls are missing due to the practice of female foeticide. This number continues to increase rapidly. The statistics from the 2001 Census are alarming. In 1991, Punjab had 875 girls for every 1,000 boys. In 2001, there were only 798 girls for every 1,000 boys. What will it be in 2011 if the practice of female foeticide continues at this rate?  Equally surprising are statistics that reveal the practice of female foeticide among first generation Punjabi immigrants to Canada, US and the UK.  it is patently clear the immigrant Punjabis bring the disease of female foeticide with them from Punjab.Â

The practice of foeticide/infanticide is not an isolated problem but rather a symptom of a much larger one: the problem of communities devaluing women.  Attitudes towards women that are rooted deep in the culture and history contribute to problems such as female foeticide and domestic violence.


• Target 2-4 Cities (Toronto, DC, Seattle, NJ)
–  Recruit 2 volunteers from each region
–  Provide Training
–  Presentations @ Gurudwaras & Comm. Org.
• Complete resource database
• Draft Project Plan & Budget
• Punjab Trip
–  Begin study of 2-3 rural villages and document results.
–  Conduct workshop with Medical Students
–  Network with local activists, leaders, NGO & government officials
• Write one Grant

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