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New Punjabi Film tackles Female Feticide

September 22, 2009

Set to release next week, on October 2, Akhiyan Udeekdiyan is a new Punjabi film that, as per the filmmakers’ claim, takes on the issue of female feticide in Punjab. Some info about the film:

Title: Akhiyan Udeekdiyanposter 1
Director:  Mukesh Gautam
Producers:  Gaurav Baga / Davinder K Bobby
Actors: Lakhwinder Wadali; Roshni Singh; Guggu Gill; Sudesh Lahri

“In the film, a mother decides to give birth to a baby girl, bearing all odd ends and pressure from various quarters to abort the baby. She wins this battle by giving birth to a talented girl child, but sacrifices her own life.”

Update: Some one has posted the movie on youtube. It does not have subtitles; non-Punjabi folks will need to wait for the subtitled version. Below is part-1 of the movie. Making no pretenses, the opening part of the movie lands you directly in the heart of the issue: “A daughter shall not be born in this house”, declares the mother-in-law, asking her pregnant daughter-in-law to pack up for a visit to the clinic for the obvious.

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