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T(r)ickle down effect

September 30, 2009

The date: Sept 24. Two news reports. Two events. Two affected parties. One issue: female feticide.  One report was on girls campaigning to stop female feticide. The other on youths campaigning to get brides. I was caught between the weirdness of funny and remorse until I did not know any longer whether to laugh or cry.

The first was an event in Lucknow where scores of young girls and their mothers took out a procession in the city to mark the Girl Child Day on Thursday. The girls were asking people to stop the social discrimination and change their negative attitudes towards girl child. No laughing matter this.

The second was in Haryana’s Jind district where jobless youths from Kunwara Union launched a campaign with the slogan ‘bahu do vote lo’, (give us a bride, and get our votes). Haryana is one of the states with the lowest female-to-male ratio in the country. Ahead of the legislative assembly elections, the youths were drawing the attention of the state politicians towards the problems they are facing due to dearth of brides in the state. Rather than asking for employment (or other poll gifts), they are opting to ask for brides.

Let us allow ourselves a laugh before the government declares the shortage of brides as a state of emergency.

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