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Guaranteed Medicine for having a Son

October 4, 2009

Where there is a demand, there will be a supply.

If there are markets with people who badly want a male offspring, then there will be marketeers who offer solutions to conceive a male offspring. Depending on the clients – that is, the size of their brains and size of their pockets – the solutions may vary from prayers, talismans, visits to shrines, certain rituals, specific days favorable for conception (based on astrology), to more ‘scientific’ solutions such as specific diets, ‘medicines’, and genetics based procedures.

Yesterday, The Star ran a story about such a demand and supply scenario in an area west of Toronto. A marketeer places an advt in a Punjabi newspaper printed in Mississauga: “A guaranteed and satisfactory medicine for having a son is available.” A female reporter poses as a 9-weeks pregnant Punjabi woman wanting a male offspring. She contacts the advertiser for the medicine. The advertiser, who it turns out is the news editor of that newspaper – (Did he pay for the ad?) – gives her three ziploc bags with some pills:

Take two red and brown pills each day for a week … and your baby has an 85 per cent chance of being a boy. Then he demands $750 in cash. … “There’s no 100 per cent guarantee,” he said in an earlier conversation by phone. He offered to give the number of a Brampton clinic to check the sex of the fetus after 12 weeks of pregnancy. “Then you can think about what you want to do. If it’s a girl, (whether) you want to keep her or not,” he said. “You know … what you want to do is your decision.”

Whereas nationally in Canada there are more women than men, the numbers in the Asian community in Canada do not follow the same pattern. In the Toronto area, the ratio becomes much more skewed:

917 girls to 1,000 boys in the Toronto Central Metropolitan Area. Broken down further, it shows 904 girls to 1,000 boys in Mississauga, and 864 girls to 1,000 boys in Brampton.

Well, either the advertised red, brown and silver pills seem to working in these heavily Punjabi populated towns of Mississauga and Brampton, leading to more boys than girls in those populations, or then female fetuses are going missing.

It is elementary,  my dear Watson.  Doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to infer or deduce what might be happening in those towns.

Where there is a demand, there will be a supply.

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