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Madhaniya – A Punjabi Song on Female Feticide

November 19, 2010

Came across a Punjabi song, Madhaniya, on the issue of female feticide. It is a nicely rendered adaptation of the original Madhaniya by Surinder Kaur.

Written in the voice of the female fetus that is being aborted, the song is conceptually similar to Rakhri Di Tand (or Lori) by Gurbhajan Gill [and also to the short story Let me grow in your backyard, Mother by Tina Rathore].

Below the song are the lyrics translated in English [thanks to a user who posted it on youtube].

Lyrics translated in English:

Oh Lord, daughters are being killed before they are even born!
I am leaving, Oh Lord, what kind of life is this, I’m returning to you before seeing the world..
Father, what kind of a heart do you have? We died and you didn’t shed a tear!
Father turned a blind eye but, mother, even you didn’t show any mercy.
Sons will divide your home, but daughters will share your grief.
Mother, don’t kill your baby; [for if you do, then] who will sing on her brother’s wedding day?

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