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Apathetic mothers-in-law: A PAU study on female feticide

February 13, 2011

A recent study

  • on the issue of female feticide
  • conducted by Niharika Joshi under the guidance of Dr. Ashu Kalaraman
  • at the Punjab Agricultural University
  • based on a survey conducted across 6 villages in Ludhiana
  • having a sample of 200 participants, Jat-Sikh mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law

had the following to report:

Of the mothers-in-law surveyed,

  • 78% accepted female foeticide as a social evil but said that it would not cause gender imbalance in the society. They also said it was better for women not to be born than to lead a life of sorrow and misery.
  • 12% said that it was okay to practice female feticide
  • 10% were against the practice

Of the daughters-in-law surveyed,

  • 77% disapproved of female feticide (Only those daughters-in-law were surveyed who already had a girl child and wanted to have another child)
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