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Hey Mister! That’s my Sister

March 11, 2011

A reader forwarded the link to the following rap song on youtube. (Thank you CherylM). Performed by the band Saint Soldier, it is a  powerful song. Check it out and join the discussion on their Facebook page.

Below are the official lyrics of the song which are posted on the Facebook.

(Sukhraj Intro)
Rab karkay banay na kadhey maa, Tu Rab karkay banay na kadhey maa,
Rab karkay banay na kadhey maa, Tu Rab karkay banay na kadhey maa;
(Verse 1)
It takes brawn to pull a trigger, brains to know when,
My weapon of choice, I take aim with a pen;
These words my ammunition, a soldier on the battle field,
I take a shot through your speaker tell me how’d it feel?
Callin all soldiers, forget what they told us,
Our generations older, parents cant hold us back;
>From spittin truth, are they forgettin the proof?
Are they forgettin that we the unstoppable youth?
Call it rebellion, let ’em say i’m a hellion,
They killin baby girls at birth what can i tell ya;
I gotta step in, I gotta go n shake you,
My words are my weapon, let the weight of’em break you;
Feel the pain that I feel when I hear that,
They bury baby girls alive, suck a tear back;
Back home in the land I was born in,
1984 Saint Soldier was sworn in;
I’ve got a mission as a brother as a young Sikh,
As a lover of humanity my tongue speaks;
And it wont quit till my mission is complete,
How many words can I fit on this one sheet;
How many words can I fit on this one sheet,
Hey mister that’s my sister;
Shoveled in a grave nobody even kissed her,
Hey mister that’s my sister;
Kukh vich dhee nu mar dain valiyaa,
Tu Rab karkay baney na kadhey maa;
Kukh vich dhee nu mar dain valiyaa,
Tu Rab karkay baney na kadhey maa;
(Translated as: Killer of an unborn child, God should not allow you to
be a mother)
(Verse 2)
This worlds selfish, I can’t help it,
Honestly, it’s been awhile since I felt this;
Way about the world- won’t u listen to my sound,
Ashes ashes we all fall down;
Dhiyaan na maaro vayee (Translated as: Stop killing our daughters),
Comittin murder in the womb and gettin away;
And when I contemplate the problem I get to the bottom,
But I find that at the bottom it’s awfully rotten;
Cuz we have falsified religion the truth we’ve forgotten,
And I will single out a coward as soon as I spot em;
Cuz u think u have the right to break away at night,
To sneak into the clinic and to take away a life;
Of an unborn girl who woulda prospered in this world,
I bet she woulda loved you, you make me wanna hurl;
The root of the problems,
U can’t accept what u gotten;
And u can’t accept that u brought her,
Into this world she’s ur daughter,
Killed by mother n father;
Why? Why do I bother Lord help us!
Play the cards that you’ve dealt us;
They want kings every hand it seems,
That doesn’t mean they should be killin the queens;
(Verse 3)
Sista sista, I wish I coulda saved you,
They cut off the umbilical and threw you in a grave;
You were too young to die, too young but I,
Mourn for all my sisters, in case nobody missed ya;
It’s a shame you didnt get a name,
But ur burnin in my heart like candle flame;
Can’t handle the pain, but I can hand the blame,
To the bullshit culture that pan handles for fame;
Respect our women, lets love and protect them,
Let’s carry the weight n dont let it affect them;
When you see somebody mistreat or diss her,
You better step in cuz she’s ur sister;
Take it from soldier the community is flawed,
And its time to fight back with unity n brawn;
Intellect, and the Guru on our side no lie,
We’re unstoppable, together you and I;
Stand up my brothers, lets clean up like Pinesol,
Society is blind let us take off the blindfolds;
Open up your its the reason that I rhyme for,
Fght for justice, trust thats what its time for but;

Hey mister, that’s my sister,
Hey mister, that’s my sister;

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